Hi everyone, It’s been ages since i’ve uploaded a video. She recently got a full grooming session so this is the finished product. I forgot to take before pi…

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Kelsey Graham says:

It’s “Utada Hikaru – First Love”.

Boltfiger says:

This is an anime song isn’t it? This is a piano version of that Japanese song. I forget the name….I have it on iTunes somewhere..

Terri Frost says:

He’s adorable!

tangobomb says:

Beautiful cut. Looks like my Brusier.

xeaon89 says:

Great back ground music and truly a beautiful yorkie .. but u had him in the rain and mud with that beautiful cut.

doogmike26 says:

What song is this?? love it! and the york!

Piper Soulier says:

i luv it how did you cut it?

addy noyes says:

My yorkie BeBe has her tail too. Love it!!

Вика Чижик says:


Carla Irvine says:

Love your dog…..very cute….check out  my videos. she looks just like my little guy Geoff

Steven Brosman says:

Dude! I know that u love ur yorkie so much to think that it is the cutest haircut ever… But the truth is that he looks like Newt Gingrich!

KristenMarie61289 says:

Adorable <3

Thumper Yorkie says:

That’s pretty cute. I’ve been trying to cut my yorkie’s hair like that. I don’t like the tipped ears tho & under the butthole needs to be clean shaved so poop don’t get stuck on the hair. But i understand for beauty the hair is nice :D

dolcevitausa says:

I like the way the head is sculpted…good job

Grande Fan says:

do you want be friends Elsa roo with me plyz i dont have friends :’(

Grande Fan says:

Your dog is very beautiful and cute, and I liked only i cried <3 <3 <3 oh and i have a yourkie :’)

jasmiebcb says:

My yorkie is more cute she as a top knot after her grooming:)

Von Pete says:

This songggg back in the days ;(

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