HOW TO CUT MEN’S HAIR // Basic men’s hair cut


Basic Taper Fade Hair cut. April takes you through a complete men’s haircut. With years of professional experience cutting and coloring hair. This video give…

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sheardelightful says:

very very good tutorial!!!!

DaveKingLosAngeles says:

Nice video, very informative, I have videos that show how to maintain and sharpen clippers, check em out if you get a chance on my channel “DaveKingLosAngeles”

Hair 101 with April says:

Awesome. So glad i could help :)

mixedchick4U says:

I liked his hair better dry at then end. The wet gel look took away his natural color.

Marjolein ouwehand says:

I always cut my own hair but I never dared to cut my boyfriend’s… but after your video i made an almost perfect haircut, minus one finger cut and a missing piece of hair… really good tutorial :) gonna use this one way more often

Francisco Tasej says:

@TheBugTussleKid – Quit with your sarcasm, if you don’t like it move on or at least leave a few tips if you’r mister bad-ass.

MrPops05 says:

thanx april, I like the shears over fingers method u used. I will be studying this video for that. Barber Luv to u.

Daniel Faust says:

Oh my. I feel like i just went through cosmetology school. Cutting hair is a scary thing if you don’t have experience, but i feel confident after watching your tutorial.  Good job. Keep it up

smith5o7 says:

great info

Karen smith says:

i think u did a great job, i like your vids, keep em comn

Karen smith says:

could u recommend some places or kinds of shears and thinning shears and stuff ?

TheBugTussleKid says:

And here is the difference between barbers, and cosmetologist. I mean no disrespect at all, but this is all wrong.

Karen smith says:

you mentioned #1 i have a buzzer , so what is the inch. like my hubby like 3/4 inch. thanks for the video . I have always cut my mens (hubs and boys) hair but this really helped me.

1349ivan says:

I hope that poor guy did not pay for that hair cut

Hair 101 with April says:

thanks so much.

Hair 101 with April says:

thanks for watching. good luck in school

J.A.S. the Future says:


michelle reyes says:

Good job!!i’m studying at beauty school for cosmetology and we are going to be doing haircutting next!! i’m in pre salon level right now!!

freelans says:

Honestly, that was a terrible job, you didn’t fade, no technique. The results are patchy areas. Srry no hate but it was amateur

771blahblah says:

What kind of handle is that on your shears and what is their length? Thanks

771blahblah says:

I love this video!

bbycakes73 says:

I would love a video for a men’s haircut like this, but with guards that leave more length, like a 5. I never know where to stop with the clippers around the parietal ridge and make it blend to the top. I always take off too much length!


Thank , for you have a good explanation, i’am just getout from a barber school and i get a job plus i do not know how to use a cliper yet, only a scissor a litle bit from school.
Know i do know , what i have to do, cause of your video , i just want to say thank for your technic and i will keep watching your profesional video. THANK

06aliceo says:

You really know what your doing that is textbook accurate. I want a pair of those cordless oster’s. great job keep cutting.

bob tony says:

poor guy,lol

mizfv26 says:

that sucked! 

mLzzaa03 says:

where did you get the sissors im looking for a really sharp ones :)

danAresify says:

This was extremely helpful. Thank you so much. This will definitely help me during school since I’m away from home haha. Thanks a lot!

Hair 101 with April says:

thanks so much. Glad I could help. Good luck with school.

535Forever says:

This vid is amazing. I’m so grateful you did this. I’m on the advanced floor in cosmetology school and I’ve done many men’s haircuts and I feel crappy because its just not the best. You explained everything sooo much better than some of my instructors and little tips I hadn’t seen were just…a confidence builder. Thanks!!!

billeybop says:

very professional and conscientious about your work!

Hair 101 with April says:

Awesome thanks for watching. we’ll see if we can do another with a number 3

colomblanco says:

Nice video, I would skip the gel though

Brandon Price says:

if you wouldn’t mind putting up a vid of how to do a number 3 fade that would be great , but still thank you so much for the tips and your videos are very helpful

Brandon Price says:

thank you so much, im just tryin to get it right the first time so he won’t shave his head completely bald lol

Hair 101 with April says:

You will just need to get it short enough with scissors so the clippers don’t have a hard time with it. You could do the ponytail and cut off there to get started.

Hair 101 with April says:

Great. thanks for watching. Good luck in school

Brandon Price says:

how would you start off with some one with long hair to get that hair cut? my husband has really long hair,(going down to the middle of his back at this point) any tips would be helpful thanks :)

Christina Bertsatos says:

Thank you so much for the professional way of explaining this video. Im in cosmetology school and it helped that you used alot of terms that I am familiar with.

Hair 101 with April says:

Thank you!

jink1231 says:

Excellent video. Great job

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