How to Cut a Short Men’s Pompadour Haircut or Tight Tapered Haircut

How To Cut A Short Men's

For photos of David’s Haircutting work, visit his blog page at: This video shows …

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becksta29 says:

thanks for the vid,wish u had more tutorials,cant wait to see more of your work,love it,i never learnt this at hd school,il try it on my brother tomorrow,he will love it.

ChaosNeptune says:

I find it annoying how some barbers don’t know how to correctly thin hair out, especially my thick hair!

Hilori gustav says:

So I’m confused, would this be the same as a taper fade or is it completely different from a tight taper? if so, what’s the difference?

DD2146 says:

Man I wish I could learn to blend/fade my own hair like this. I wouldn’t have to simply shave my head all the time.

tom bob says:

No joke, last time I got a haircut, I tried explaining to the new guy in the hair salon that I wanted this type of hair, but the guy was deaf… I said fuck it and became bald

jason burgos says:

he goes by the name of wayne rooney…

TheItsjazzray says:

I should be watching, but that guy is so adorable

shortygirl239 says:

the model is so hot.

itsdrova says:

Which pomade did you use? Great, informative video also.

dinothunderblue03 says:

This guy is so cute, like can I have him?

ternitamas says:

Amen to that! My stylist somehow always ends up evening out lengths. I want the opposite, contrast between top length and sides. He doesn’t seem to get it! grrr

HeftyMrTacos says:

Dont go to supercuts that is your first problem.

lemonpartyhellyeah says:

that model is probably the hottest guy ive ever seen

mortlapin says:


Lemmiwinks07 says:

How short is it on the sides?

Roy Junez says:

#Sbw #Nice

spatchanator says:

need to take this video and make that bitch at super cuts watch this before she cuts my hair.

carl ross says:


Victor Tlaseca says:

Hello guys i love this video so much that now i would like to cut my hair like this my hair is about 6 to 8 inches long all over and how do i explain to my hair stylist that i would like to cut my hair like this how short from the sides and how long from the top last week i ordered my pomade (american crew) from amazon so am really excited on cutting my long hair already into a modern pompadour so can you guys please help me out!!!!!!

AfrooChe says:

Did you use a number guard for the sides? If so what number? Also is there a specific length the top needs to be able to get this haircut?

darklightmoon1ify says:


redstorebums951 says:

amazing fucking hair man!!!!

MooseheadDrinker says:

This was a very popular cut in the 1930s, most noticeable in the german military (ie: SS) in ww2. It’s an awesome cut, clean and professional.

fritzki1 says:

i want this haircut

Malleolust says:

I don’t know, but this haircut is incredibly classy (yet modern), and surely I can’t be the only woman who’s seen this that thinks that guy is a total HUNK. His smile at the end… Jesus Christ, have mercy…!

CHIschoolofecon says:

Any thoughts on whether this haircut is suitable for a professional setting?

ramonlukenunez1982 says:

Very nice!!!! Learned a lot ,thank you

EatShredSleep87 says:

how would you tell the barber that you want the taper to be closer to the ear, in other words not so high up?

emily Tolman says:

I love the haircut!

johnzeroseven says:

Good job

MCcookiebreath says:

Well he did but not as much or as high as the right side. Otherwise the hair would stack and stick up. That’s what he was referring to by “slight disconnection”

alexia mayo says:

Great cut!

Candyman Land says:


beachguy1100 says:

This is a nice, masculine haircut I gotta have. Looks classy, versatile and just nice all the way around. Nice model.

TheMrsmartiekid says:

Fantastic clipper work

eric macht says:

fantastic job, what is the length of hair on the top portion??

AkaCamoflauge says:

Hey, GREAT cut! if I want to get it, what can I tell my barber? Thanks!

Paul John Kintanar says:

this is going to be my haircut

christianspar says:

Do you apply the pomade when the hair is damp?

Armando Heredia Jr says:

I was wanting to know what pomade did you use in the video? was it the original “Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade” or the medium blend of pomade in the blue tin???

marcsoyeah says:

Lucky bastard with his perfectly straight hair , it takes me longer to blow out my hair in this shape

ybhutta says:

so he only blended with the comb and clippers on the guy’ right side? you leave the other side alone for the side part right?

shaunny0208 says:

The guy in this video is super cute. Makes me wanna get the same haircut.

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